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Ultimate Spicewalla Collection - A Set of 3 Bars & 3 Collaborative Herbs & Spices

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We are jumping-up-and-down excited to introduce a limited edition release of three beautiful new chocolate bars, our first in over two years.  Join us in celebrating the melting pot that is America with an all-American collaboration between French Broad Chocolate x Spicewalla

Spicewalla is an awesome spice company that imports and blends fresh, top-shelf spices for famous chefs and passionate home cooks alike. They’re not only based in Asheville with us, but are even in the same creative community maker space (what up RAMP Studios!)! Founder, Meherwan Irani is a four times-nominated James Beard award chef, founder of Chai Pani Restaurant Group, and a dear friend. 

When we met with our Spicewalla pals in our Chocolate Factory, our co-founder, Jael, had a taste of their directly-imported, freshly-cracked coriander and nearly cried. "This is what coriander tastes like??" It was like nothing we had ever tasted from the grocery store spice aisle. Bright. Citrusy. Alive.  The idea of a coriander & lemon white chocolate with flakes of Cyprus sea salt was born almost immediately.  The second bar is homage to Meherwan's homeland of India. We sourced a beautiful, floral and spice-forward cacao from India and paired it with Spicewalla's traditional Chai Masala blend in a smooth and creamy milk chocolate. This bar just won an International Chocolate Award last weekend! Our third bar uses the same cacao from Anamalai, India, in the Chai Masala bar. This 71% dark chocolate bar is bright, fruity, and perfectly rounds out the collection.

To tickle your tastebuds, we proudly introduce:

Chai Masala Milk Chocolate features Spicewalla’s signature blend of warming ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper and black tea paired perfectly with milk chocolate made from a floral and spicy cacao from Anamalai, India. 

Coriander Lemon Sea Salt White Chocolate features citrus notes from Spicewalla's fragrant coriander to create the perfect balance of sweet and tart in this lemon-infused white chocolate, heightened by a sprinkling of flake sea salt.

India 71% Dark Chocolate Bar features bright and clean 71% dark chocolate from Anamalai, India. We taste sweet strawberries, tart cherries, and hibiscus tea

This lovely gift set includes:

* Coriander & Lemon White Chocolate Bar with flaked salt (60g)

* Chai Masala 45% Milk Chocolate Bar  (60g)

* India 71% Dark Chocolate Bar

* Spicewalla spice tin collection, including Cyprus Flake Salt, Cracked Indian Coriander, and Chai Masala.