Our Confections!

Café Au Lait our 70% Coffee Dark Chocolate, made with single origin Mountain Air Roasting coffee, and organic cream, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Chai Lattehouse chai blend in a milk chocolate ganache. enrobed in dark chocolate.

Buddhaour original vegan truffle made with bittersweet chocolate and coconut cream.

Fresh Raspberry Truffle a purée of local red raspberries in a fruit-forward dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate.

Hazelnut Crunchmilk chocolate, freshly ground hazelnut butter & caramelized hazelnut bits, covered with dark chocolate.

Horchatawhite chocolate ganache with cinnamon and vanilla, enrobed in milk chocolate and sprinkled with toasted rice. 

Lemongrass + Ginger lemongrass, ginger, and lime in dark chocolate coconut cream ganache. Topped with a toasted coconut flake.

London Fog dark chocolate and honey ganache steeped with bergamot-infused black tea and lavender, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Maple & Smoked Salt farm-direct maple syrup, organic butter, and a blend of milk and dark chocolates, sprinkled with smoked salt.


Orange + Olive Oil + Fennelfennel- infused, locally bottled olive oil and essential oil of orange in dark chocolate, topped with candied fennel.

Rose, Cardamom & Pistachio  milk chocolate & pistachio ganache, infused with aromatic rose petals and cardamom pods.

Strawberry Balsamicpurée of local strawberries and organic balsamic vinegar in a dark chocolate and coconut cream ganache. Sprinkled with cacao nibs.

Banana Rum Caramel organic bananas and dark rum in a creamy coconut caramel. In a dark chocolate shell.

Chocolate Caramel a rich, gooey chocolate caramel made with coconut milk, in a dark chocolate shell.


Hibiscus Grapefruit Caramelchewy caramel with fresh grapefruit and an infusion of hibiscus flowers, enrobed in white chocolate.

Lavender Honey Caramelour chewy local wildflower honey caramel steeped with local lavender, lightly sprinkled with lavender salt and covered in milk chocolate.

Sorghum Caramela milk chocolate tumbler filled with sweet liquid caramel made with locally grown sorghum molasses from our friends at Doubletree Farm. Winner of the 2017 Good Food Awards! 

Vanilla Bourbon Caramel – Gooey Knob Creek bourbon & vanilla bean caramel in a dark chocolate shell.


Throughout the year we release seasonal collections, only available for a limited time.

Our current seasonal collection is The Spring Collection:

Inspired by the new life that this season brings, these handcrafted confections pay homage to our favorite Springtime treats. We’ve accented each with a swirl of organic, naturally colored cocoa butter. Enjoy in good health!

Marshmallow – house-made marshmallow cream in a dark and milk chocolate swirled shell.


Blood Orange Caramel – a soft, juicy, blood orange caramel in a white chocolate shell.


Peanut Butter & Jelly – milk chocolate and organic peanut butter filling topped with house-made jam made from local strawberries, in a dark chocolate shell.


Lavender & Honey – local lavender & wildflower honey infused dark chocolate ganache, in a white chocolate shell.


Coconut Cream – organic shredded coconut in a white chocolate and coconut milk ganache, in a dark chocolate shell.


Meyer Lemon – freshly-squeezed tart Meyer lemon in a white chocolate ganache, in a white chocolate shell.



All of our caramels and truffles are completely free of corn syrup.

Allergens: Made in a facility that handles tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, and soy