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Dear friends & supporters,
We are overwhelmed and grateful for your enthusiastic support this holiday season. Within the constraints of staff and social distancing, our hardworking team is crafting as many chocolates as we can. In order to keep our promises of orders already taken, we need to pause on accepting new orders.
We are sorry for any disappointment, but we are all truly doing our best. Thank you for all of your support, patience and understanding in this wacky 2020 holiday season.
If you're feeling some pandemic patience, and think tardy chocolate is better than no chocolate, feel free to enter your email address for any of the products that are out of stock, and you’ll receive a notification when they are available again. And check back in the coming days; we’re making more chocolates as quickly as we can.
In the meantime, for those who are local or within driving distance of Asheville, our Chocolate Lounge and Chocolate Factory are open and we’re stocking our shelves with everything we have. We’re also offering online ordering and pickup for the Chocolate Factory - just click the link below.
Love & Gratitude,