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Connecting You To The Source.

From berries to dairy, from flour to flowers, our desserts and confections are a celebration of our bountiful foodshed. We are so committed to connecting you to the source of your food, we even make all of our chocolate from the cacao bean, right here in Asheville!

We are proud to be part of a growing movement of craft chocolate makers who are dedicated to sourcing with integrity. We nurture relationships with farmers and suppliers and pay far above commodity prices for the fruits of their labor. The farmers extra efforts in the post-harvest processes of fermentation and drying improve the quality and flavor of their cacao, which results in delicious and interesting chocolate for you!

Read on for more about our origins:

Costa Rica

No chocolate connects us more deeply with our roots than this bar. Dan & Jael lived in the cacao-rich jungles of Costa Rica for two years, where they opened a small café, called Bread & Chocolate. Daniel South was brought on as a dishwasher, eventually being trained as Head Baker.

Now Daniel has returned to his agricultural roots as a cacao processor, cultivating cacao on his farm and buying seeds from his neighbors. He ferments in wooden boxes made from trees felled on his land, and exportscacao directly to us. Building a viable cacao business hasn’t been easy for Daniel, but we are seeing his efforts bear fruit.

Our single-origin Costa Rica 80% Bar contains a robust cacao with an earthy aroma. The flavor profile begins with chocolate wafer cookie and transforms into tart raspberry.


On February 29, 2012, two cacao enthusiasts founded Cacao Bisiesto; hence the name (Bisiesto is Spanish for ‘leap year’). Giff, an ex-Peace Corps expatriate, and Jose Enrique, a Nicaraguan cacao agronomist, live in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua, where Criollo and Trinitario cacao varietals have been cultivated for generations.Both brought years of professional experience and a shared vision to their partnership. To preserve heirloom varietals of cacao, they pay a premium to local farmers for Criollo-infused seed with fine flavor profiles, and plant rare varietals on their own farms. Then they ferment and dry with precision.

Our single-origin Nicaragua 68% bar has won us recognition in the Good Food Awards and at the esteemed Northwest Chocolate Festival. It has an earthy quality and offers flavors of black coffee and licorice.


Deep in the foothills of northern Guatemala lies the village of Rocjá Pomtilá, a settlement of Maya Q’eqchi’ who cultivate cacao, cardamom, and maize. Their cacao has only recently become commercially available, thanks to the efforts of a truly extraordinary organization, Uncommon Cacao.

The audacious proposition of Uncommon Cacao is that with education, organization and fair treatment, the cacao farmers can substantially improve their livelihoods. Their mission is to create a sustainable, prosperous cacao industry in which farmers and chocolate makers thrive together.

Guatemalan cacao shines in our 73% single-origin bar, which offers flavors of concord grape, fresh-baked brownies, and almond butter.


CAC Pangoa, a large cooperative with over 700 farmer members, is at a crossroads. Most of their cacao production is undifferentiated “commodity cacao.” But under the leadership of Esperanza Dionisio Castillo, with support

from an organization called Conservation Cacao, the members are being encouraged and trained to devote a portion of their production to fine flavor varietals with more attention given to the quality of harvest and fermentation.

Conservation Cacao’s mission is to save the rainforest through sustainable cacao and we are proud to support that mission.

Our Peru 70% single-origin bar features cacao from the Pangoa district. It has a cinnamon bark aroma and a flavor profile of tart cherry and lemon, over a creamy cocoa base.