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Classic Sipping Chocolates Gift Trio

Classic Sipping Chocolates Gift Trio

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Cuddle up with our set of Classic Sipping Chocolates. Made with the finest direct-trade cacao, organic sugar, and natural ingredients, these pure, delicious sipping chocolates aren't to be confused with mass-produced hot cocoa and are the foundation of our famous Liquid Truffle. Each 6oz jar includes recipes for hot chocolate and our Liquid Truffle on the back.

Each jar makes approximately 6 servings.

Set includes:

  • Dark Chocolate Sipping Chocolate (6oz)
  • Milk Chocolate Sipping Chocolate: (6oz)
  • Chai Masala Milk Sipping Chocolate (6oz)

Classic Sipping Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Our housemade bean-to-bar dark chocolate made with single origin cacao from Nicaragua

Milk Chocolate

Our creamy bean-to-bar brown butter milk chocolate

Chai Masala Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate with warming chai masala spices from our friends at Spicewalla