Chow Chow: An Asheville Culinary Festival

Hi friends,

You know what? I adore this gorgeous little mountain town and our beautiful food scene. Like many others, I am a transplant to Asheville. I made my way to the Blue Ridge Mountains from Costa Rica in 2006 to start a chocolate company and raise kids, and haven’t looked back. Asheville is the kind of place with an unstoppable creative force. People come here to build community, to create and share their gifts with the world. And now we want to share with you in a very meaningful way. I am thrilled to be a part of a volunteer board of inspiring people who are building a new culinary festival to celebrate Asheville, through meaningful events, immersive experiences, and charitable programs that connect people to the many hands involved in setting our creative table. From brewer to baker, potter to pickler, maker to mixologist, farmer to florist, cheesemonger to chocolate maker, this event will shine a light on the diverse humans bringing beauty to this corner of Appalachia. Grand tasting events, chef demonstrations, and hands-on experiences will connect participants to the stories behind Asheville's creative, inclusive approach to preparing and sharing meals.  I. Can’t. Wait. 

We’re calling it Chow Chow. 

Chow Chow, a pickled relish popular in southern Appalachia, is a resourceful condiment whose ingredients vary from family to family and region to region. Often prepared in the warmer months, a mix of vegetables is chopped, combined and preserved. By the time cold weather hits, all of the ingredients have come together to create something better than the sum of its parts, adding a pop of flavor to the long winter vegetable season and just about anything else on the table. Universally, chow can mean ‘to eat’—joyfully, with abandon and in good company. The humble condiment captures the spirit of this new festival.

Cacao, Confections, & Cocktails

Do you love confections and cocktails? Chocolate and cheese? Bubbles and bonbons? Then we’ve created the event for you. I am thrilled to curate and host an event called Cacao, Confections, and Cocktails at our Chocolate Factory and Cafe in the RAMP Studios.  It is going to be spectacular. We are fortunate to feature amazing local and national talent, from award-winning pastry chefs, to star mixologists, passionate wine importers and a stellar coffee roaster, all working together to create a tailored experience of desserts, thoughtfully paired with craft beverages. We’ll be serenaded by live jazz music from Jason Moore (who is not only a locally loved performing artist, but also my kid’s saxophone teacher). We’ll have a beautiful local cheese and charcuterie spread to balance out the sweets. Plus, you’ll get a guided walkthrough of a real chocolate factory, with access to our talented team of chocolate professionals. We can’t wait to teach you about cacao, show you our spot, and feed you lots of chocolate. Tickets are limited. Secure your spot here. 

Won’t you join me in celebrating Asheville’s food scene? Chow Chow’s website will guide you through all the amazing experiences to choose from. 

I hope to see you the weekend of September 13 - 15!


In gratitude,

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