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Leap Year only comes around once every four years, so we thought we'd have some fun with it!

Our intricately designed chocolate leap frogs are each hand painted and flavored with one of three delicious fillings. Each box is a unique work of art. We are making a very limited run of these special treats, so hop to it!

Fun Froggy Facts:
Cacao Bisiesto in Nicaragua is one of our principal cacao producers. "Bisiesto" means leap year in Spanish, which is the day on which they were founded, eight years ago! This delicious, direct-sourced cacao is featured in all the frogs' shells.  The colorful, hand painted designs were inspired by the dart frogs in the jungles of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the source of a lot of our cacao.

Available in Three Great Flavors

Raspberry Cream

Chocolate Orange Caramel

Pistachio Cream