Our Mission & Values

We make awesome chocolate — sourced with integrity, crafted with intention, and served with gratitude.

We use business as a force for good. We hold ourselves to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Each of our actions makes a difference, every day.
We trust in the inherent goodness of people. We give the benefit of the doubt, cultivate honest communication, and expect it in return.
We do our best, together. We work cooperatively to achieve shared goals. Each of us makes the team stronger. We are dependable and hold each other to a high standard. We infuse our energy into our work.
We learn, we grow, we teach. We are students of an ever-changing world and share our discoveries. We foster creativity and innovation and inspire others to do so. We remain open-minded, flexible and resilient.
We are in service. To our customers, communities and co-workers: we're all in this together.