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Giveaway! | Spring has Sprung!

A giveaway you say? Yep. We're giving away a box of our Spring Collection! Read on for details...

Here in Western North Carolina, Spring arrives a little bit earlier than in some parts. We've been thoroughly enjoying hikes through the Smokies hunting for spring ephemerals while friends and family up in New York and Maine share photos of their kiddos playing in the snow! 

Regardless of where you hang your hat, Spring brings with it growth and inspiration. This year, we're celebrating by introducing The Spring Collection - six brand new Truffles and Caramels: Coconut Cream, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blood Orange Caramel, Lavender & Honey and Meyer Lemon. 

Inspired by the new life that this season brings, these handcrafted confections pay homage to our favorite Springtime treats. In keeping with our theme of growth and inspiration, our confections team has accented each with a swirl of organic, naturally colored cocoa butter to make them extra beautiful while keeping in line with our commitment to using only wholesome ingredients thoughtfully sourced for their integrity.   

One of our favorite parts of our work is sharing the chocolate we make with our friends all over the world. We're so excited about the Spring Collection that we've decided to send a 12 Piece Box to one of our friends.

Simply leave a comment below telling us your favorite things about the season!

It could be shopping for and preparing Spring greens from the farmer's market, dyeing eggs with your favorite little bunnies, birdwatching or foraging for mushrooms, or eating chocolate! 

Winner will be announced on Monday 4/10/17 (which also happens to be our shipping deadline for Easter Delivery).

Hop to it! 


Contest ends at 12pm Monday EST 4/10/17 and is only open to our friends in the Lower 48. 



  • Spring surprises me, year after year. Vibrant, colorful new life springing from the ground, from the trees, the light of the sun lengthening, warming. And, of course, there’s chocolate. Chocolate melting on my tongue brings to mind all the good things in life!

    Kathryn Moore
  • My favorite thing about spring is the sunshine. I work in a factory that was built in the 70s and has no windows except in the front offices. Take away our watches & phones and we wouldn’t even know what time it was. Light deprivation really sets in. That’s why when it is finally warm outside, I really treasure it. I like to garden and even mowing the lawn is a pleasure. I look forward to taking a walk after supper and getting every second of sunlight that I can.

    Troy C.
  • Family! Always

    Danielle spence
  • I love the trees blooming!

    Lauren s
  • Lilacs, freshly cut grass, little treats (FBC!), new life, and how lovely we all look in pink!


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