Interested in carrying our chocolate?

Using our cacao nibs to brew your next award-winning beer? Incorporating our chocolate into the dessert program at your restaurant? Reach out to us at with a little bit of information about your business.

Intent on nurturing connections to the source of our food, we source the finest cacao from farmers and producers in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Perú, and transform it into chocolate at our factory here in Asheville. The flavors of cacao, paired with ingredients thoughtfully selected for their integrity, inspire us to create a compendium of award-winning bars and confections. From single-origin bars, to espresso beans and farm-direct hazelnuts dredged in layers and layers of chocolate, to caramels and truffles made with grass-fed dairy, our Chocolate Makers and Chocolatiers infuse their passion into their craft. Up until now, we’ve only been able to share a limited quantity with our stockist friends, but we’ve been working our tails off to keep up with demand and are over the moon to offer you the opportunity to put Asheville’s Chocolate on your shelves.

We'd love to work with you.