Peru 70% Ⓥ

Peru 70% Ⓥ

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On the eve of our factory’s creation, in 2011, Jael and Dan traveled into the
upper Amazon basin of Perú, from where it is now believed Theobroma Cacao originates. On that trip, we established our first direct buying relationship with a prolific coffee, sugar and cacao cooperative,


Norandino represents a host of smaller co-ops who benefit from their technical assistance and logistical support. They bring together the farmers, and we coordinate a group of chocolate makers to collectively purchase the cacao.

This chocolate has been made with cacao from three partner cooperatives: Awajún, an indigenous group from Morropón; Amazonas, a co-op in the Bagua region; and a co-op in Tocache, San Martín. Honoring the unique characteristics borne of both their genetics and post-harvest practices, we decided to humbly undertake a blending of these seeds.
As a blend ought to be, we find this 70% chocolate greater than the sum of its illustrious parts. We taste grapefruit and cherry, with a
finish of peanut butter cookie.

Ingredients: Cacao, Sugar.

The Peru 70% bar is dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

Allergy Notice: All of our products are crafted with love and care on shared equipment and may contain traces of: milk, peanuts, eggs, corn, tree nuts, wheat and soy.